Keen Home Smart Vents: The Perfect Temperature In Any Room


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every room of your home had the perfect temperature? This is a hard thing to accomplish since most standard HVAC systems can’t target individual areas or rooms in a home. In order to do this, you would have to install a zone damper system, or cool/heat your entire house just to keep one room at a certain temperature. Unfortunately, both of these options are really expensive. The good news is there’s a simple zone control product by Keen Home that provides an easy way to achieve the perfect temperature in every room of your home without breaking the bank.

Keen Home enables your HVAC system to create temperature zones in your home. This is accomplished with the Keen Home Zoning System, which consists of Keen Home Smart Vents, Temp Sensors, and Smart Bridges (Zigbee enabled). These products work together to offer individual room temperature control to make homes more comfortable and energy efficient. You’ll be able to cool down your sunny living room without over conditioning other areas of your home that are already cold. Plus, controlling and managing your Keen Home Zoning System is easy because it’s all done with your smartphone (iOS or Android) using the free Keen Home app. You’ll have Smart Zoning for your HVAC in minutes, and be able to control and manage your system all from the palm of your hand!


This is how the Keen Home Zoning System works:

Smart_VentsKeen Home Smart Vents are designed with embedded temperature and pressure sensors to monitor your HVAC system; basically, they’ll adjust airflow to over-conditioned rooms and redirect the airflow to rooms in your home that need it the most. The Keen Home Temp Sensor and Smart Bridge (or other compatible Zigbee hub) are required, as well as your smartphone with the Keen Home app.

Temp_SensorsThe Keen Home Temp Sensor monitors the temperature and humidity of rooms within the Keen Home Zoning System. The sensor works with Smart Vents and the Keen Home Smart Bridge (or other compatible Zigbee hub) to control the temperature of individual rooms by letting you set specific temperature goals. This is accomplished with a smartphone using the free Keen Home app.

Smart_BridgesThe Keen Home Smart Bridge allows you to control and manage your Keen Home Zoning System to receive the perfect temperature in every room. This device will connect Smart Vents and Temp Sensors to each other. It will also connect these devices to the Internet so that you’ll be able to use your smartphone and the free Keen Home app to have complete control of your Keen Home Zoning System.


Make your home more comfortable and energy efficient by adding Keen Home Smart Vents to your house today! We can help you get started! Just call our toll free number at 800-266-8765 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) for free support and product advice, or you can look on our Keen Home products page for more information.

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