ecobee Room Sensors™ vs. Nest Temperature Sensors


When we created the world’s first Room Sensor™, we introduced an innovative way for homeowners to help manage hot or cold spots, knowing that most thermostats only read the temperature in one location. Whether in your bedroom, home office or your nursery, we know how important comfort can be in the rooms that matter most.

So how does the Nest Temperature Sensor compare with the ecobee Room Sensor™? They both measure temperature in rooms that don’t have a thermostat, but only ecobee Room Sensors™ deliver occupancy technology, giving you precise and easy control over your home’s overall comfort. Simple to set up and no need to schedule, just place it in the room you want and get the right temperature where you need it, when you need it — automatically.

And with the launch of ecobee Switch+, you get the added benefit of ecobee’s Room Sensor™ functionality embedded into the wall itself, freeing up extra space in your room.*

Take a look at how the Nest Temperature Sensor stacks up against the ecobee Room Sensor™ and ecobee Switch+:

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