Lutron Caséta Fan Control review: Smart control for your dumb ceiling fan

Smart ceiling fans—models with wireless remote controls and digital-assistant compatibility—are a relatively new thing. But you can still control a legacy fan if you replace your in-wall switch with something like Lutron’s Caséta Fan Control. It’s not an inexpensive option, especially if you don’t already have a Caséta bridge connected to your router, but it is a very good one.

The Caséta bridge isn’t required if you have no intention of integrating this fan controller into your broader smart home system, but most TechHive readers will. Lutron’s Clear Connect Wireless technology is at the heart of the Caséta product line, and it’s a robust competitor to the broader Z-Wave and ZigBee ecosystems. I consider those platforms broader because lots of companies build hardware based on Z-Wave and ZigBee tech, where Lutron is the only source of Caséta devices.

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