Dyson’s new ambient lamp promises to last up to 60 years and has a USB-C port built in


Alongside today’s announcement of a new V11 cordless vacuum, Dyson also announced updates to its lighting and air purifier products. The first is the Dyson Lightcycle, its desk and floor lamp that can automatically adjust its lighting temperature based on ambient light or time of day. The high-end lamp also includes a scheduled lighting mode that gadgets like the new Casper Glow offer: you can now set wake and sleep times to gradually adjust as you prepare to rise or wind down.

Everything about the Lightcycle is as over-engineered as you’ve come to expect from Dyson products. It has a new control panel above the bulb (which Dyson claims can last up to 60 years) that uses touch-capacitive taps and slides to control the power, lighting…

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