A Deeper Look into the Keen Home Smart Zoning System


Home Controls is very excited to carry the Keen Home Smart Zoning System. This system allows you to create zones within your HVAC system, giving you temperature control over individual rooms rather than heating/cooling the entire house every time you operate your heat or air conditioner. Keen has measured as much as 8 degrees difference between rooms as a result of this zoning.

Your home has “registers”, which are the vents that the air comes out of, and “returns”, which are the vents that take air in to go back to the furnace fan unit. Each existing register gets replaced with a battery-powered smart vent and a wireless temp sensor can be placed anywhere in the room to be sure you get the most accurate reading. You then create the temperature settings you want to maintain in each room or zone.


As a stand-alone system, the Keen Home Smart Zoning system comes with its own hub and free app. The smart zoning vents are enrolled into and communicate directly with the hub. You have manual control over the vents as well the ability to program and schedule temps according the time of year or time of day. It’s a great way to control the airflow and temperature of each room on your home individually.


One other benefit of the Keen Home Smart Vents is their compatibility with several home automation controllers. If you have a Wink, Lowe’s Iris or Samsung SmartThings home controller, you can integrate the smart vents directly into your existing controller. As of this writing, the room temperature sensors are not compatible, but enrollment into a home automation hub allows you to use them in heating/cooling scenes much like you use other devices within your controller now, including your existing thermostat. If you have a home automation controller other than the ones listed above, don’t worry. As the Keen Home Smart Zoning system grows in popularity, we’ll probably start seeing more and more compatibility with more and more home automation hubs.

If you would like to add Keen Home Smart Vents to your home automation system, you’re in luck because Home Controls is not only offering the entire Keen Home product line, but also special Keen Home Kits that include both the smart vents and the trim kits. To learn more, you can contact us at at 800-266-8765 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday) or visit our Keen Home product page.

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