Eufy Lumos Smart Bulb 2.0 Dimmable White review: Updates give the Lumos line a fresh profile


I was going to start this review with a “how many journalists does it take to screw in a smart light bulb?” joke—but then I found out the joke was on me. I’d previously installed the app required to operate Eufy’s Lumos 2.0 bulb, but I’d long since forgotten my password. Turns out Eufy’s password reset system wasn’t functioning, and it took me an extra day to get started with my testing. C’est la vie.

Since my first review of Eufy’s Wi-Fi connected bulbs in late 2017, there’s been no major revolution to the Anker subsidiary’s Lumos smart bulb lineup, although things have evolved, mostly for the better. The Lumos 2.0 lineup includes just two bulbs: a dimmable (color-locked) white bulb and a tunable white bulb.

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