Airthings Wave Mini review: This is a great entry-level air quality monitor


With its Wave and Wave Plus air quality monitors, Airthings’ made clear its mission to raise awareness of radon, the naturally occurring gas that is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States after smoking. Its latest product, however, is designed to detect other types of indoor air pollutants.

With the Airthings Wave Mini, the company is trying to increase the likelihood that you’ll monitor your air quality at all by offering a device that is slimmed down in both complexity and price. The logic, it seems, is that once you experience how easy it is to get insight into common airborne irritants—in this case TVOCs (total volatile organic compounds) as well as temperature and humidity changes—you’ll be willing to invest in their more expensive flagship product to monitor for more dangerous pollutants. After using it, I can say that’s a safe bet.

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