TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet review: The Kasa Smart KP200 covers all the basics

TP-Link’s Kasa smart home line has long included a variety off plug-in smart outlets, and now the brand is extending into the wall. With its Kasa model KP200 Smart Wi-Fi Power Outlet, TP-Link offers a compelling way to turn any old outlet into a smart one—no smart hub required.

Wiring the Kasa KP200 isn’t really any different than any other in-wall smart outlet on the market. The unit is designed with three pigtails extending from its chunky base. Using the included wire nuts (or larger ones, as I had to use due to extra wires inside my junction box), you simply attach the three pigtails to the color-corresponding line, neutral, and ground wires, and then push everything back into the box.

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