Safe by HUB6 review: Upcycle your old alarm system into a smart alarm

If there’s one near-perfect excuse for eschewing a DIY home security system, it’s this: I already have one built into my home. You can be forgiven for not wanting to have two security systems in your house, even if your old, wired system is no longer actively monitored. Who wants all that clutter, doubled-up sensors on each door, and the like?

HUB6 offers a unique solution to the problem: Just attach its Safe by HUB6 hub to your existing alarm panel, and convert your old alarm equipment into an up-to-date smart alarm system.

While setting up Safe by HUB6 isn’t as easy as, say, plugging in a SimpliSafe unit, it’s not overly difficult to get up and running. I didn’t have a compatible wired unit to work on, so HUB6 sent us one: an old dinosaur of a system from DSC that’s representative of legacy wired home security systems (you can check compatibility with your own system on the HUB6 website). I set this up in my home, along with two door/window sensors and a motion sensor. In addition to DSC-compatible units, HUB6 is also accepting pre-orders for a unit that supports Honeywell alarm systems.

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