Ikea reveals Sonos-powered bookshelf speaker ahead of April 9th event


Ikea has been teasing its new Sonos-powered Symfonisk speakers for months, but a new post from the company after celebrating its Red Dot design awards shows off the finished version of the upcoming speaker (which is set for an official April 9th reveal) a bit ahead of schedule.

The final Symfonisk design looks pretty similar to the original prototype Ikea and Sonos showed off last year: it’ll feature a standing bookshelf-speaker design with the fittingly Ikea-style ability to also be mounted sideways, allowing it to double as a shelf or nightstand. The final product also looks a bit more polished than the prototypes, along with a subtle Sonos / Ikea tag at the top.

It’s unclear whether this Symfonisk design is the only…

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