How to Disable Siri Suggestions on Your iPhone’s Lock Screen


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With iOS 12, Siri began offering suggestions for Shortcuts and more via the lock screen. You can disable these suggestions for individual apps or disable all Siri suggestions completely to clean up your lock screen.

Siri Suggestions is a little-known feature that lets Siri watch for tasks you carry out regularly and then offer up a shortcut to those tasks at the best time. A great example of this would be if you made a coffee order at a certain time or location. Siri would, theoretically, notice this and then start to recommend that action when the time is right. All you’d have to do is tap the notification to carry out the action.

Depending on the app in question, having Siri make suggestions that appear on the Lock screen might be something you’re looking for, but if it starts to get a little too chatty, or begins to make suggestions for apps that aren’t important, you might want to shut it off. Thankfully you can disable the feature for specific apps, rather than this being an all-or-nothing affair.

How to Disable Siri Suggestions For All Apps

If you’d prefer to prevent all apps from making Siri Suggestions on your Lock screen, you can flick one switch to make it happen.

To start, open Settings and tap on “Siri & Search.”

Tap Siri and Search

Scroll down and flick the toggle for “Suggestions on Lock Screen” to the off position.

Switch Suggestions on Lock screen off

How to Disable Siri Suggestions for Individual Apps

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