SANSI Omni-directional Bulb review: This beastly LED light bulb puts out 4,000 lumens of eye-searing light


Due to the physical placement of LEDs within the bulb and the design of their electronics and heat sink, many LED lights are built with an unfortunate hang-up that causes light to shine primarily in one direction: away from the socket (i.e., straight up when installed in the typical lamp, or straight down when installed in a pendant). Is this what Thomas Edison had in mind? Absolutely not!

SANSI proposes a solution in the form of its Omni-directional Bulb, a unique, unconventional, and exceptionally rotund lighting option that is designed to spread light more democratically.

By now you’ve ogled the photo of this bulb and are probably taken aback. Bare and powered off, it’s an incredibly homely and gargantuan piece of electronics, its LEDs visible through clear glass, with a large, perforated heat sink connecting that section of the bulb to the screw threads. SANSI says all of this is good for the bulb’s longevity, noting, “Unlike other bulbs, our bulbs don’t use PCB and aluminum for heat dissipation. The LED chips are fixed directly on the ceramic so that the structure for heat dissipation is much simpler and it can ensure the long lifespan of the bulbs.”

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