TP-Link Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch, Dimmer HS220 review: A solid competitor in the in-wall dimmer space


I’ll cut to the chase: TP-Link’s Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch Dimmer (model HS220) is an in-wall switch that looks good and works well. Let’s start with the good looks, as I must say I really like what TP-Link has done to the face of this devicer.

A large rocker switch occupies the bulk of the real estate. A quick tap turns the light on or off, gradually brightening or dimming the connected bulbs. A tap-and-hold immediately takes the bulb to your preset maximum brightness or quickly shuts it off.

Two smaller buttons above this rocker can be set to the aforementioned maximum brightness, and they can be used to manually brighten or dim the bulb when it’s turned on. A row of LEDs above these buttons gives you a visual indicator of that brightness setting, so you don’t need to eyeball it by gauging the brightness of the light fixture directly. Another LED placed inside the paddle itself offers color-coded information about the switch’s Wi-Fi status.

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