Smart Tech for Mother’s Day


With Mother’s Day on the horizon, smart tech might not be the first gift that springs to mind.

Does your mom need much more perfume?

I mean How many more books can you buy her?

When special occasions crop up. We like to give you some handy pointers.

Today we’ll keep things very simple. We’ve cleaved our
suggestions into two parts, and we’ve got eight ideas to help you to get
something slightly different for Mother’s Day 2019.

Practical Gift
Ideas to Make Your Mom’s Life Easier

Functional does not
need to mean boring. We’re not talking about buying your mom an iron or a
socket set.

The fact you’re reading this suggests your mom might already have an interest in smart tech, perhaps it’s more than that.

Maybe she appreciates the benefits of home automation without exhibiting much interest in the products themselves.

The first five suggestions we have for you might not seem like the most appealing gifts however when you consider how these devices can make a difference in your mom’s life you may want to rethink.

Remote Control Dimmer Keypad

Keypads give you one of the most flexible methods of
controlling smart devices. This remote control dimmer comes in ivory, white or
light almond to match your mom’s kitchen décor.

If you want to personalize things further this etching kit,allows you to replace the standard lettering with custom laser-etched alternatives.

This 6-button keypad allows you to control up to 5 devices
or sets of tools. If your mom has more kit to deal with, there’s an 8-button
allowing for control of 8 devices.

You’ll be gifting two neat elements rolled into one here. On one level, you’ll give your mat om the ability to dim lighting from the keypad. If you incorporate the hub below, she can take charge in-app on her smartphone and throw in a virtual butler, and she can also issue voice commands to either Alexa or Google Assistant.

Beyond this, the keypad works as a controller for other
Insteon devices giving your mother a shower of options in one affordable gift
she’s sure to welcome.

Hub Central Controller

If your mom has a little more interest in home automation, a hub sometimes seems like the least fascinating piece of kit to buy yourself. A translation device and a means to an end, it can feel like an uninspiring purchase with your cash.

Heres an example, if someone else picks up the tab, do her a favor and broaden the way she can control devices in her smart home, with the robust and pocket-friendly Insteon hub. From tweaking the thermostat to receiving alerts in-app this hub is essential if you want to add an extra layer of convenience to your mother’s life while putting a smile on her face.

Some consumers may find the closed Insteon system restrictive, however, this might turn into a hidden benefit. Nevertheless, keeping everything under one roof can streamline operations a treat.

Insteon Smart
Dimmer Switch

This smart dimmer is an excellent addition to any stylish
home, and the ease of installation will appeal to your mother or father if he’s
the one likely to be tasked with set-up!

Assuming you have the hub above, the switch can be
controlled through the crisp Insteon app your parents will both find a cinch to

Building out scenes of lighting across the home is
super-simple, too.       

Don’t worry about this gift seeming at face value less than inspiring its all about improving someone’s life and this dimmer will do exactly that.

Remote Control Plug-In Module

Does your mother have a small coffee machine?

How about lamps and fans?

Whatever the small appliance in question, Insteon’s powerful
smart plug is a beginner-friendly introduction to home automation.

We’ve got a couple of Alexa devices coming up for you to
choose from and adds the option of voice control to this module. If you think
your mom would prefer Google Assistant, roll with one of the Home smart

However your mom opts to take charge, this is a neat little module is a great way to limit trips to turn devices on or off physically.

In-Wall Dimmer Kit with Hub and Amazon Echo Plus

Here at Smart Home,
we make sure our bundles combine outstanding value and prime performance.

With this trio of dimmer kit, Insteon hub, and Echo Plus, you
can save over a Benjamin on the list price.

As well as offering your mom a broad spread of smart home control you can also gift her a highly capable smart speaker with the inbuilt advantage of a dedicated Zigbee hub.

The only problem with this offer is it’s so good you might
not end up saving money as you’ll probably buy one for yourself too!

Splash Out for
Mother’s Day: Treat Your Mom Like She’s Always Treated You

To round out after Insteon-fest, we’ve got a trio of suggestions of a slightly less workaday nature.

Echo Show

We’ll presume that your mom’s kitchen is the heart of the

Why not give her something to liven up the time she spends
there with Amazon’s outstanding smart display?

Now into its second generation, Echo Show gives you a
10-inch HD screen to complement everyone’s favorite digital assistant, Alexa.

From organizing her day to browsing recipes while cooking,
from streaming music to controlling smart devices with voice commands, Echo
Show can also be used for video calls to other Echo devices.

This user-friendly smart display is sure to get plenty of
services to give your mom a tremendous new plaything for the kitchen this
Mother’s Day.

One Smart Speaker

If your mom is a little more discerning when it comes to music
and loves to listen to her sixties compilations while she goes about her day,
many smart speakers can disappoint. Sonos One is not among this number.

While she will be able to control smart devices, music is at
the heart of the One. With remarkably agile custom drivers, two class-D amps, a
tweeter, and woofer, the soundscape is rich and deep.

Since this speaker is not Bluetooth-enabled, it’s essential
to have a WiFi connection, but you no longer need the Sonos bridge.

Sonos market this as “the smart speaker for music
lovers.” If this description fits your mother, go ahead right now and get
that gift in early. There’s nothing worse than waiting to the last minute.
Well, there is. Flicking on Facebook and seeing posts from others confirming
you’ve forgotten Mother’s Day entirely! Don’t make that mistake this year and
put a smile on your mom’s face with the Sonos One.

Cloud Cam Indoor Security Camera

An indoor security camera is an excellent way for your mom
to keep an eye on the comings and goings at home remotely while she goes about
her business.

With two-way audio, the Cloud Cam also serves a de facto
intercom. Whether it’s calling your dad down for dinner or interacting with her
pets, this is a nice extra touch.

With alerts pinged to her smartphone and coming fully
Alexa-enabled for voice control, this gift will make your mom’s life easier
while adding a valuable layer of security to her home for the double-win.

Final Word

With any luck, you’ve got a cluster of ideas to work from
for Mother’s Day 2019 rather than relying on the usual bunch of flowers.

Come back next week when we’ll be bringing you more of the
latest smart home news as always with some more in-depth product reviews.

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