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Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. These are by far the most popular home assistants out there, with tons of amazing features and a lot of fun packed in, these three are by far the leaders of the market. However, the question is whether or not these are the best options for a professional luxury smart home.

Let me give you another perspective to this by introducing, the smart assistant for luxury and high-end smart homes.

What is is a smart assistant designed especially for luxury smart homes which integrates seamlessly with control systems from Crestron, Lutron, Control4, Savant, ECOBEE, Sony etc.

The platform of uses proprietary software which leads the “Natural Language Understanding” (NLU). In simple words, this means a better, more natural human experience! is based on a machine learning environment which makes it adapt to your needs and habits on a daily basis.

Therefore, besides being able to offer a more natural assistant experience, it can provide a more customized one as well. is also capable of understanding series of commands, executing them in the order you said them. vs Amazon Alexa

First of all, you should know that is not actually that new on the market. They emerged back in 2015 when the CEO felt the need to build a more intuitive and “customizable” smart assistant for his home in Denver.

Alex Capecelantro, the CEO wanted to create a solution designed to integrate seamlessly with professional solutions like Crestron and Control4, unlike Amazon’s Alexa which works with after-market devices and doesn’t always provide the most accurate options.

Besides that, where really stands out is in the area of “growing” the intuition. This means that Josh will know what to do when you give it “human commands”.

For instance, if you tell Josh that’s too hot, it will adjust the temperature to a preset value. Amazon Alexa on the other hand requires you to specify the name of the thermostat device name and the temperature you need.

Another great thing about Josh is the ability to accept device aliases. This is especially useful because not all members of the family refer to a certain device the same. is also capable to connect to an Amazon Echo device and accept the same commands.

Some highlights of

  • Doesn’t require a “wake” command like “Alexa”
  • Josh integrates flawlessly with high-end devices from Crestron, Control4, Savant etc.
  • It accepts multiple commands and ties them together
  • Makes talking to a smart assistant feel much more natural
  • It learns and grows with your habits
  • Allows you to define device aliases
  • Josh can be controlled via Amazon Echo
  • Goes as far as you need in terms of smart home control TV Integration and Future Commands

Personally, I find to be a brilliant smart assistant. It is small, easy to integrate and packs-in a lot of cool features.

What really makes Josh stands out is its ability to understand and act on your behalf even when you are not around. I really think this is a great addition to Josh and is called “Scheduled Commands”.

Basically, you just tell Josh what you need it to do followed by the time reference. The time reference can be any value from now or a predefined hour, day etc.

  • Ex: Josh, play Beatles in 10 minutes from now
  • Ex2: Josh, turn on the lights tomorrow at 10 AM

This works incredibly well and Josh also supports device references so you just tell which device you need even if you have multiple from the same group.

The same goes with TV integrations (Apple TV, Roku, Netflix, YouTube etc).

Is Josh a Good Solution for Me?

If you own or plan to transform your home in a high-end smart home, then you definitely need a solution to match your home.

While Amazon and Google Assistant are quite easy to install and manage, these are not as reliable as a professional assistant. is here to fill that gap and provide better customization without leaving room for any error.


How Can I Get Josh?

Geeks of Technology is a certified integrator using Crestron technologies. We offer complete support for installation and development of custom control systems using

These include, but are not limited to:

  • AV Distribution Systems
  • Smart Switches
  • Lighting Controls
  • Creating Scenes
  • Operating Shades & Rollers
  • Control Video Distribution Systems
  • HVAC
  • IT Networks

Learn more about and what it can do by giving us a call at (954) 251-0600 or use the get started form.

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