Samsung’s Galaxy Home quietly gains more features, but it still doesn’t have an official release date

We haven’t seen hide nor hair of the Galaxy Home smart speaker since its unveiling alongside the Note 9 in August, but Samsung has been hard at work ahead of its presumed 2019 launch. The Galaxy Home made an appearance as part of a Bixby Routines demo I received at Mobile World Congress, and the device has gained some fun new tricks.

Bixby Routines are customized if-this-then-that commands that let you control a group of devices and actions with a single command. Currently exclusive to the Galaxy S10+, several preset options are available for optimizing your phone by turning on battery saver and night mode. But on the Galaxy Home, routines will be tailored to things that make sense in your house, such as turning on the lights when you say, “Hi Bixby, I’m home.”

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